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Designing With Wood is Good!

Designing with wood is often the preference of many homeowners, designers and architects. For those concerned about their environmental footprint, this desire can be stressful. Without knowing all of the facts, the knee jerk reaction of many is to worry that wood is not the green choice, or worse, is a terrible tree killing choice. DO NOT FEAR! Wood is good! Here’s why.


Untreated wood has huge environmental benefits over other building materials. It is completely biodegradable, serves as a great insulator, uses less energy to process than steel, concrete, aluminum, or plastic, and is 100% renewable. Simply substituting wood for another material can actually be an easy and economical way to reduce a structure’s carbon footprint. Source locally and make it even more green by eliminating transportation energy.
Don’t take our word for it…

Energry Requirements Graph

Chart courtesy of Forest & Wood Products Australia (http://www.fwpa.com.au/Industry-Statistics)


Forest & Wood Products Australia