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Swaner Hardwood, founded in 1967, is a third-generation
privately owned and operated organization.


Swaner Hardwood is headquartered in Burbank, CA, where our main offices, mill, lumber yard, and distribution center are located. Since 1967, we have been a privately-owned business selling quality hardwood products to wholesale distributors, retailers, contractors, and wood enthusiasts.

We manufacture our hardwood products in-house using our state of the art high-tech equipment, which includes rip saws, moulders, chop saws, and more. This equipment, alongside our knowledgeable operators, helps ensure your order is being filled accurately and as quickly as possible.

Another huge asset to our business is our grinding room. We not only sharpen our own knives to ensure a clean finish, but can grind custom knives to match any profile you want.


Swaner Hardwood is a third-generation privately owned and operated organization.

Each family member is responsible for overseeing a different aspect of the business, with a focus on honoring the tradition set in place by Keith Swaner to operate at the highest standard in all we do.

Gary Swaner

2nd Generation

George Swaner

3rd Generation

Keith Haag

3rd Generation

Ryan Haag

3rd Generation

Gary Swaner Jr.

3rd Generation


Swaner Hardwood was founded in 1967 by Keith M. Swaner. Keith began his career in the forest products industry at E.L. Bruce Co. after returning home from Naval duty in WWII. In the following years he managed Angeles Hardwood Co. in Los Angeles where he distributed hardwood products. In 1967, Keith left Angeles Hardwood Co. and set off to establish Swaner Hardwood. From early on, Keith’s vision for the company was not to be the biggest, but be the best and most trusted hardwood products company in the industry. In 1973, Keith’s son Gary Swaner joined the family business after completing a master’s degree at University of California, Riverside. Keith’s son-in-law, Steve Haag, also joined the business after completing his BS in Accounting from California State University, Northridge. Together, the three of them have grown the business to be a leader in high quality hardwood products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. They are proud to have founded the business on their core values of integrity and quality, and have now welcomed a third generation into the fold.

Swaner Hardwood is headquartered in Burbank, CA and is the sister company to Mt. Baker Products and Goodyear Nelson Hardwood Lumber Company located in Bellingham, WA.

One of our founding tenets is a belief in treating our employees right. We are lucky to enjoy a stable and loyal workforce, many of which have been with the company for over 20 years.