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Your source for custom crown moulding, base moulding, case moulding, S4S lumber, door jambs, and more.

Whether you are a wholesale lumber distributor, contractor, or builder, we can provide you with the very highest quality mouldings and millwork.

Do you need custom moulding patterns? We can manufacture exactly what your customer wants. We have the ability to create the exact dimensional drawings using our CAD programs, as well as match most existing profiles.

For other projects, S4S lumber will save time and money. We have various dimensions in stock and ready to ship, but can also manufacture S4S lumber to your specifications in the species you need.

Custom Made Just for You

The most important factor in manufacturing high quality custom mouldings is our ability to cut knives to the exact profiles designed by you – our customer.

Using a CAD automated CNC template maker, we can create knives to very exacting standards. Our professional knife makers, with years of experience, have the knowledge and commitment to carefully grind every knife to the highest possible standard. All mouldings are custom run and manufactured in-house, letting us respond to even your just-in-time moulding needs.