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Since 1967, Swaner Hardwood has specialized in sourcing top grade domestic and imported hardwood lumber from trusted suppliers, carrying only superior products at a truly competitive price. We stock 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 in most species and stock up to 12/4 in select species. Our hardwood lumber is kiln-dried to 6 to 8% (unless otherwise specified, such as ipe wood).

To ensure the needs of our customers are met, all orders are monitored and shipped out of our central warehouse in Burbank, California. This process assures that we receive the correct grade of lumber sold to us, and that we, in turn, provide customers with a quality product.

Lumber orders can also be customized. We can provide a custom sort or mill the lumber to your specifications, including ripped one edge (SL1E), surfaced two sides (S2S), or surfaced four sides (S4S).

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