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Teak Wood Grain
Tectona grandis
Heartwood is almost always a rich golden brown in color, but may also vary from rich brown to a deep, chocolate brown with very dark markings. The sapwood is white to pale yellow in color, and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.
Grain is straight but can occasionally be wavy or interlocked.
Easy to work but has a high silica level which has a severe blunting effect. Pre-boring is recommended before nailing. It stains well and produces a beautiful finish when oiled.
Medium density wood with high crushing strength and low resistance to shock.
ship-building, decking, furniture, cabinet making and garden furniture. 1
both interior and exterior
Both Interior and Exterior

Wood is a natural product. Some variation in color and grain pattern will occur between samples, images on this website, photographs and any specific installation.